Veneers & Laminates

Veneers & LaminatesAs a veneers dentist, we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services including dental veneers and laminates that can be used in a variety of dental procedures to make smiles beautiful. Veneers turn an imperfect smile into something stunning. They are made from resin composite or porcelain and made at a dental lab, or in our office. Patients can use veneers to cover all, or a portion, of their teeth. If the veneer is only covering one or a couple of teeth, the color will be expertly matched to the patients existing tooth color after a thorough teeth cleaning.

At Arbours Aesthetic Dentistry, we recommend veneers and laminates for patients looking to:

  • Brighten their smile by covering intense discoloration.
  • Repair chips or cracks in their teeth.
  • Create a uniform smile.
  • Fill spaces in between teeth.

Dr. Barrera has an in-depth consultation with each patient considering veneers to discuss the viability of installing them, the patient’s overall oral health, and the steps taken during the procedure. The mold will then be made of the patient’s mouth and the colors selected. The technicians at Arbours Aesthetic Dentistry will create custom veneers with the perfect fit to brighten and enhance our patient’s smiles.

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