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Jane Cho, DDS

General Dentistry located in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

About Dr Cho

As a fairly green dentist, I have a fierce determination to work hard, learn constantly and cultivate my skills to offer my best to my patients. In the past year and a half in the field I have continued to build upon the foundational clinical aptitudes and knowledge gained from my time at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. I am in constant pursuit to expand my capabilities through mentorship and CE courses. While I love restorative dentistry, I have learned to refocus my intention on treating my patients' whole health by understanding the interconnection of oral- systemic health and attempting to identify root causes for oral health anomalies. I am passionate about airway-centered dentistry and offering a holistic approach to dental care.

With my Business Marketing degree in hand, I worked for two years at Anaheim General Hospital prior to attending dental school. I dabbled in various areas of hospital administration as well as worked in the Emergency Department and ICU as an EKG-certified monitor technician. I worked in both small and large units, participating as a team member and, at times, the team lead, which gave me the experience that has prepared me for the unique role that a dentist holds within a practice. It allowed me time to cultivate the values of strong leadership and gave me an opportunity to put into practice the art of blending humility and hard work to manage an integral team. My passion for healthcare was born in the hospital setting and my business background drove me to pursue dentistry with a vision of owning my own practice and ultimately opening a free community clinic for the homeless and veterans.

Ultimately, what differentiates me amidst a sea of qualified practitioners is my why. Why dentistry? Why should a patient choose me over another equally, if not more, capable dentist? My "why" is simple. The reason I choose to practice dentistry is because I am deeply passionate about people. I am empathetic, compassionate and dedicated to educate, inform and inspire my patients to prioritize their oral health and improve their overall well-being. I have found that showing attention to detail, personally investing in the patient, and setting aside time to offer comprehensive education cultivates the groundwork for the patient to take responsibility for their own health with our support and guidance. I value the unique opportunity to create longstanding relationships with my patients and am looking for an office where I can engage in the community and truly get to know patients on a personal level. This potential to truly make a difference in someone's life is a humbling and rewarding incentive that motivates me to continue to give wholeheartedly to my patients.