Why CEREC Is Really Worth It

Posted on: April 2, 2018

CERECWhen dentists suggest CEREC® to patients, many questions whether it is actually worth the money.  However, if you were to ask those who have received CEREC® same-day crowns, the vast majority would testify the merits of this oral health solution are perfectly legitimate.

CEREC® is not too good to be true. This dental restoration is almost always worth the money.

Why You Should opt for CEREC® Over a Conventional Crown

Part of the advantage of CEREC® over regular crowns is there is no need to bother with wearing a temporary crown.  The lack of a temporary makes the process that much more convenient for the patient as well as the dentist. Though this convenience comes at an additional cost, the bottom line is your time is worth money.  You will make money in the end by taking the comparably efficient CEREC® route.

The digital technology used for CEREC® crowns works in shockingly little time.  In fact, the dentist can use this digital technology to form a CEREC® crown while you are waiting in the office.  The entire CEREC® process usually takes between an hour or two. Think of everything you can do with the free time created through the uber-efficient CEREC® process.  You can spend that time at work earning money, with your family enjoying life or simply soaking up the sun during some much-needed rest and relaxation.

The CEREC® Process is Efficient and Painless

The CEREC® process commences with the dentist’s use of a wand that has a camera on the end.  This technology makes use of reflected light to form a 3D image of the tooth as well as nearby teeth.  The software can create an accurate crown design. The dentist can then modify this design as necessary.  The dentist will then send the design to a milling machine to sculpt the crown from a ceramic block.

This process is as high-tech and efficient as it gets.  The patient is not subjected to pain. Everything is done quickly, digitally and without any unnecessary steps.  You will not find a dental technology that is more respectful of your time as well as the dentist’s time as CEREC®.

CEREC® Comfort

Just about everyone who has CEREC® crowns in their mouth is quick to tout the benefits of these restorations. Restorations from such a computer-aided system fit nice and comfortably.  Just as important is the fact that they are as durable and long-lasting as traditional crowns.

So do not be scared away by the comparably high price for CEREC®.  Once you add up all the money you will save in the form of less time spent in the dentist’s office, fewer subsequent treatments and an invaluable peace of mind, you will be confident in your decision to move forward with CEREC® crowns.

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