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What Are My Tooth Repair Options?

In need of tooth repair? You are definitely not alone. There are many reasons for why someone may need to repair one or more of their teeth, and fortunately there are many tooth repair options from which to choose from. Having a tooth that needs to be fixed can really get in the way of your being able to live your everyday life without issue. If the tooth in need of repair can be seen when you talk or smile it can lead to your feeling self-conscious. If the tooth in need of repair is causing you any discomfort or pain, then it will be difficult for you to eat, making it hard for you to focus on your everyday events.

Reasons for tooth repair

There are many things that can cause a tooth to break, chip, crack, split and more. Some of the more common reasons for why someone would need their tooth to be fixed include chewing on ice or eating hard foods, getting hit in the mouth when playing contact sports and falling down and hitting their mouth on something hard. Even though teeth are covered with enamel making them strong, there is a limit to their strength. When teeth are hit with enough force, it is highly likely that there is going to be a need for tooth repair.

What Are My Tooth Repair Options?

While there are a few tooth repair options available that can repair a broken tooth or teeth, the type of tooth repair available is going to depend on the type of damage done to the tooth.Dental bonding.

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