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Can a Tooth Implant Cause Sinus Problems

If you are thinking about getting a tooth implant or already have one, you are likely wondering if it will cause sinus problems. Indeed, there is the possibility for a tooth implant to lead to a sinus issue. Some patients who receive implants report sinus pain. A handful of such patients have reported an infection.


How Tooth Implants can Lead to Sinus Issues

It is possible for certain tooth implants to impinge on the sinus cavity. This typically occurs in instances in which an error was made in the initial placement of the post. If one does not receive treatment, the tooth implant has the potential to become loose and can lead to an infection. It is interesting to note there is minimal risk to the patient's sinus area during the tooth implant surgery. In most cases, upwards of a couple millimeters worth of a tooth implant can penetrate the sinus area during placement without any long-term complications. If there is any worry there will not be enough bone below the sinus, a procedure known as a sinus lift will be the most effective option. This procedure empowers the surgeon to place additional bone in the sinus air cavity for ample implant stabilization.

Dental Implants Have the Potential to Move Toward the Sinus

In some cases, teeth are lost and sinuses will enlarge or the bone where near where the teeth were positioned will resorb. This process leaves a layer of bone below the sinus. If it is necessary to place tooth implants in such areas, a sinus lift bone graft will be required. This graft ensures there is ample bone available to secure the tooth implant. Such a procedure requires the manipulation of the sinuses lining along with the packing bone below. The purpose of these measures is to stop the tooth implant from moving back up into the sinus and causing an array of problems in the future. It is possible for a sinus infection to occur with this procedure yet such an occurrence is rare. If a tooth implant is positioned in a space that lacks sufficient bone and the implant sticks upwards within the sinuses air cavity, there is the potential for a sinus infection to develop in due time. If a sinus infection develops, do not panic. It can be resolved with timely care and treatment.

What to do if You Suspect Your Tooth Implant is Causing a Sinus Issue

If you believe your tooth implant might be the cause of a sinus problem, meet with your dentist right away. This dental health expert will examine the dental implant. If the dentist in question refuses to consider the possibility of the tooth implant causing the problem(s), get a second opinion. Find a dentist who has a panoramic X-ray machine or a 3D scanner to provide a full picture of all nerves within the sinus cavity space. Such information just might prove quite insightful in the quest to determine if the tooth implant placement is impacting the sinuses.


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