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5 Reasons Dental Implants Are Superior to Other Teeth Replacement Options

Three million people in the United States have dental implants, and the number is rising by about 500,000 a year. There’s no way that many people would choose implants to replace missing teeth if the results were less than fabulous. 

At Arbours Aesthetic Dentistry in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, our team recommends dental implants for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth. Whether you’re missing one or all of your teeth, dental implants can restore your smile permanently. Here’s what you need to know.

How dental implants work

Dental implants have three parts: 

Here’s how we install the pieces to create a new tooth.

First, we make a small incision so we can access the bone, and then we insert the titanium rod into your jaw. Titanium is a great material to use for an implant because it’s compatible with your body and it can bond with bone during healing. The rod comes up to the top of your gum line.

Once the rod is embedded, the bone regrows around the metal piece, firmly fusing it with the bone and creating a stable anchor for your new tooth. It provides a new tooth root to replace the original.

After waiting about three to six months so the bone has time to finish growing around the rod, we cement the abutment to the top of the rod. And for the final step, we firmly attach your beautiful porcelain tooth to the abutment. We can insert numerous implants if you need to replace more than one tooth, two implants to anchor a bridge, or several implants to secure dentures. 

Top reasons you should use implants to replace missing teeth

Although waiting for the bone to heal makes the process for getting an implant slightly longer, dental implants have benefits that make it worth the delay. Here are the four top reasons why you should consider dental implants:

Strength that functions just like your original tooth

A dental implant is as close as you can get to duplicating your real tooth. The rod is just as secure as the original tooth root, so you can speak, laugh, chew, and eat with the same confidence. This strength comes from the fact that titanium bonds naturally with the bone. 

Recreate your beautiful smile by matching your teeth

The prosthetic tooth that’s attached to the implant is made from porcelain that perfectly matches your natural teeth. Our specialty is crafting prosthetic crowns so that their size and shape blends in with your remaining teeth. We customize the color to be sure it’s the same shade as all the others.

We purposefully choose porcelain for your new tooth because it’s translucent, while other prosthetic materials are opaque. As a result, it’s the only material that has the same sheen as normal tooth enamel. You’ll be able to smile away, knowing that not even your best friend will be able to look at your implant and notice a difference.

Here’s another benefit of porcelain: It’s a hard, durable material. Using porcelain for the tooth just adds to the overall strength and functionality of your new implant. 

Preserve a healthy jawbone

Your jawbone stays strong by remodeling, which is a natural, lifelong process in which your body eliminates old or damaged bone and replaces it with new, healthy bone.

The problem with your jawbone is that it won’t keep regenerating the bone unless it’s stimulated by your teeth and their roots. The pressure that’s created when you chew is translated down through the root and into the jaw, where it triggers remodeling.

Since a dental implant uses the rod to recreate the root, it continues to preserve the health and strength of your jawbone. While you have other options for replacing missing teeth, you only get this bone-preserving effect with an implant. 

Maintain the surrounding teeth

When you replace missing teeth without using implants, the prosthetic piece is held in place by the existing teeth on either side of the bridge. To do that, we must grind down the enamel of the teeth being used to hold it in place, essentially ruining two healthy teeth to accommodate the bridge. With dental implants, the surrounding teeth are preserved.

To learn more about dental implants, schedule an appointment with the specialists at Arbours Aesthetic Dentistry. Call our Rancho Santa Margarita office at 949-393-2183 or request an appointment online today.

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