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Teeth Whitening Can Improve Your Appearance and Perhaps Your Life
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The thought that teeth whitening can improve your life may seem like a stretch, but recent studies show the importance of a gorgeous smile. Match.com recently polled 5,000 single people and found that a beautiful smile was the most attractive quality that both men and women looked for in someone they wanted to meet. In essence, if your smile is white and beautiful you are viewed as a more attractive person. Fortunately, we can easily improve your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry has made it possible for people to improve their smile and their appearance. In the past, people were forced to live with their smile or to replace it with dentures. Those options were fairly restrictive, and now cosmetic solutions make it easy for you to identify what you don’t like about your smile and change it.

The first step in a gorgeous smile is keeping it healthy. Teeth that are damaged, infected, or gums that are unhealthy will not look attractive and may even produce a bad smelling odor. A smile full of infected teeth is one that needs to be treated and healed right away. We provide preventative dental care in order to keep cavities and gum disease from forming. By having your teeth cleaned twice a year, we can remove lingering bacteria and plaque that can attack the teeth and gums. You can help at home by brushing after every meal and flossing daily. This will keep your mouth in good condition and also help to prevent future tooth loss. Once your smile is healthy, a teeth whitening procedure can be performed.

There are multiple ways to whiten teeth. Many people try over-the-counter solutions only to find that they are disappointed in the results. The over-the-counter solutions don’t use a professional grade whitening solution and the fit is often uncomfortable. Even when they do work, they typically only whiten teeth about two shades. For most people, two shades are not enough to produce the dramatic results they want in order to have a stunning smile.

We offer professional teeth whitening solutions that are budget friendly and work within our patient’s schedule. The process starts by taking a mold of your mouth so that we can create a custom teeth whitening tray—also known as a splint—that will fit securely in place. Once the tray is completed, we will give you whitening solution to use at home. At night, simply put the solution into the trays and secure them into place around your teeth. Wear them for a few hours for a week or two and watch as your teeth transform into something bright and beautiful. Since the trays are a custom fit for your mouth, the process is comfortable with no risk of the solution leaking out.

The advantage of this type of teeth whitening is that you can take the trays and use them anywhere. If you move out of town, go on vacation, or travel for business, the trays can go with you so that you can whiten anytime and anywhere. The results are a beautiful white smile that has the potential to improve your social life.

August 20, 2014 By Dr. Barrera in RSM Dentist, Teeth Whitening

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